Welcome to Coparion


Fund Size:

275m Euro


Team Experience:

30+ Years




We accelerate growth

We help young technology companies achieve swift and sustained growth. With assets under management of EUR 275 million we have the means to do so.

We are your partner

We support entrepreneurial vision with our know-how, but without intervening in daily business operations. Thanks to our long-standing experience in venture capital and in building companies, we discern potentials and open up new perspectives. We have the substance, tenacity and creativity required to mutually manage difficult situations successfully.

We are professional and steady

Due to our independence we are flexible, pragmatic, and able to act swiftly. All our decisions focus on increasing the value of our portfolio companies – always taking a long-term perspective bereft of any short-term opportunism.

We collaborate with strong partners

We only invest together with private investors. And focus primarily on shared values and quality standards.


Innovations with high potential

We are looking for young tech companies with innovative products or services and above-average growth potential.

Successful implementers

Our focus is on the start-up and early growth phase. We appreciate initial successes, such as the sales and key accounts developed or successful product launches.

Excellent teams

We like creative and effective entrepreneurs who build on highly motivated and outstanding teams that share a vision.

In geographical proximity

We only finance companies with their headquarters in Germany. We are of the conviction that we can provide support and added value best if close at hand.

All sectors welcome

We invest in all technological sectors (with the exception of those defined according to EIB´s principles and standards as “EIB excluded activities”).

With private co-investors

We only invest together with private investors who commit at least the same sums to the financing rounds – and on the same terms and conditions. We like to co-invest with national as well as international partners.

Up to EUR 15 million in several rounds

Per company we invest up to EUR 15 million, usually in several financing rounds of EUR 0.5-8 million each. We are flexible and can commit smaller or larger sums in any development phase as required.


35up offers any eCommerce site the opportunity to significantly increase their cross-selling revenues without any inventory risk or own recommendation engine.

Klaus Wegener
Managing Director


"3YOURMIND offers platforms to streamline industrial 3D printing for innovative companies and leading 3D services. The digital 3D workflows connect teams and production locations, optimize resource utilization and enables smart AM production decisions. The platforms provide strategic pathways to next generation manufacturing."

Stephan Kühr
Managing Director


Abalos was founded to translate an innovative immuno-virotherapy approach into novel anti-cancer therapies



Dr. Marcus Kostka


„AUTOVIO simplifies the driving school experience - for both students and instructors. AUTOVIO is dedicated to the mission of digitizing the entire driving school industry to help driving schools work more efficiently and create better learning environments."

Tom Kedor

Building Radar

Building Radar was founded in 2015 in Munich with the goal of digitizing the construction industry. The company has developed an algorithm using Artificial Intelligence technology to continuously search the web for new building projects. This makes Building Radar unique in that it can provide customers with highly relevant leads, within a crucial window of time that allows them to reach out to project planners and architects before the competition.

Paul Indinger, Leopold Neuerburg
Managing Director


Cardior develops RNA-based therapeutics with a focus on clinical candidates with an entirely novel mode of action and curative potential for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Claudia Ulbrich
CEO and Co-Founder


CatalYm develops antibodies that will neutralize the tumor-produced immune suppressant GDF-15 to increase immune cell infiltration into the tumor microenvironment, which can also potentiate the activity of (approved) checkpoint-blockers in fighting the tumor.

Phil L'Huillier, PhD
Managing Director


"is the leading online based Investment Platform for Private Market Fund Investments. Institutional Investors worldwide plan their Asset Allocations & automate due diligence processes based on a global network between the market participants."

Dr. Daniel Schmidt
Managing Director


“Through the Clark app, customers get an overview of their insurance situation, receive suggestions for improvements, and access a personal assistant for all insurance matters. Clark offers the best price through the use of innovative technology.”

Dr. Christopher Oster
Managing Director


„CNC24 is the B2B platform for the procurement of individual precision components made of metal and plastic. The CNC24 platform unites over 1000 industrial customers with over 500 manufacturers from all over the world.  The company uses a hybrid approach that combines AI-based matching with expert advice"

Willi Ruopp
Co-Founder & CEO


ContractHero is the digital contract management solution for business customers. The intelligent and easy-to-use software provides an overview of all current contracts, quickly identifies unnecessary costs and reduces risks from missed contract deadlines.

Sebastian Wengryn
Managing Director


With emlen, sales and marketing organizations can create individualized destinations for each buyer in seconds, without IT or coding skills, and conduct the entire communication process within the destination.

Managing Director
Max Klein


The innovative medical devices developed by Fasciotens GmbH accelerate the closure of the open abdomen and create a new treatment option.

Dr. Gereon Lill
CEO and Co-Founder


“FastBill is the end to end finance management solution for small businesses and freelancers. By integrating invoicing, real time banking and smart assistants into an easy to use interface we enable our users to stay on top of their cash flow and get paid faster while FastBill takes care of their accounting in the background.”

René Maudrich
Managing Director


Finanzguru is an independent banking app that enables customers – by the use of artificial intelligence – to manage and optimize their finances, contracts and insurances in the most convenient way.

Benjamin Michel
Managing Director


Finoa is a Berlin-based FinTech company founded in 2018 that provides custody and asset servicing solutions for digital assets tailored to institutional investors, HNWIs and corporates. With the regulation of crypto assets and crypto-custody by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) since 1 January 2020, Finoa currently holds a provisional licence approval, which is expected to be confirmed by November 2020.

Christopher May
Managing Director


Fractal builds user-centric and compliant identity and payment solutions for the decentralized web and support open source blockchain projects to fund the future ecosystem using an initial token launch. 

Julian Leitloff


Unicorn FreshBooks has one goal and is pursuing it in over 160 countries: building an easy-to-use accounting software for business owners, their clients, and accountants.



Don Epperson


FundaMental Pharma is developing novel small molecule inhibitors, based on the research findings of Professor Bading (University of Heidelberg), for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Thomas Schulze


German Autolabs

German Autolabs builds Chris, the first digital assistant for every car. The smart device retrofits into every car on the road with the latest voice AI technology and gives safe access to smartphones. This aftermarket approach with reference hardware is the foundation to quickly iterate the underlying voice AI platform for the automotive industry.

Holger G. Weiss
Managing Director

Green City Solutions

“With the ‘CityTree’, Green City Solutions offers a unique combination of Internet-of-Things technology with plants to filter air for smarter and more livable city centers.”

Peter Sänger
Co-Founder & CEO


gridX enables the virtual connection of decentralized energy production facilities, such as solar panels and battery storage systems, to build the largest digital and decentralized energy supplier. The technology behind gridX accelerates the digitization of the energy industry and connects energy consumers and producers via its platform to provide regional, clean and affordable energy for its customers.

David Balensiefen
Managing Director


"Grover is a reaction to a changed consumer behaviour and offers their customers full flexibility while saving the environment by offering a circular alternative to the classic linear usage of technology. Grover’s service offers freedom of choice and full flexibility allowing customers to use, switch, buy, or return products depending on their needs and to maximize the value of their tech in their lives."

Michael Cassau
Founder and CEO


Hasty is a next-generation vision AI platform and the first to train the model already in the labeling process. This empowers our users to market their advanced, proprietary applications much faster and to develop robust AI-assisted solutions.

Tristan Rouillard


“HepaRegeniX develops a unique, therapeutic concept for the treatment of acute and chronic liver diseases. It is based on unlocking the regenerative capacity of liver cells, even in severely diseased livers.”

Dr. Michael Lutz


Holidu is a leading marketplace for vacation rentals. Its search engine allows travelers to compare millions of vacation rentals from hundreds of websites and its software solution  ‘Bookiply’ helps vacation rental owners multiply their bookings with less work.

Johannes Siebers
Managing Dircetor


“Homelike is the leading B2B online marketplace for furnished temporary housing – a home away from home!”

Dustin Figge
Managing Director


With koppla, construction projects are executed more swiftly, affordably, and collaboratively. The scheduling software connects all project participants – from project developers and managers to general contractors – in one current schedule, enabling seamless planning and controlling of construction projects. Progress can be shared in real-time, ensuring disruptions are immediately identified and delays prevented.

Jerome Lange
Managing Director

Lanes & Planes

Lanes & Planes, founded 2017 in Munich, is the first end-to-end travel management solution with a full process automation. Ranging from booking services, to an integrated expense tool and even to ERP integration, Lanes & Planes digitizes business travels holistically. In doing so, Lanes & Planes is able to save up to 30% of travel and indirect spend for its SME customers.

Veit Blumschein
Managing Director


Hybrid Work for your company: Equipment for office, home office & remote - just as you need it. With the Lendis platform, equipment can be flexibly rented and digitally managed in one place.

Stavros Papadopoulos
Managing Director


“Libify’s proprietary hard- and software is the first mobile emergency call and tracking system. It allows customers of every age to maintain an active lifestyle with a maximum of safety.”

Tim-Julian Hartmann
Managing Director


“Lofelt’s mission is to create a natural connection between people and their digital devices by providing a profound and enjoyable tactile experience.”

Managing Director


micropsi brings Artificial Intelligence to Industrial Robotics. While others are still programming robots classically, we enable dynamic behavior of robots by making robots learn quickly and efficiently how to move, given high-dimensional sensor input.

Ronnie Vuine
Managing Director


"Neodigital is Germany’s first completely digital insurer. Our high degree of automation allows us to create competitively priced products in real time. This allows us to tailor the products to the individual needs of our customers."

Stephen Voss
Managing Director


"ONIQ enables industrial companies to make faster and better decisions in the management of their processes. The software IQ/A enables more cost efficient processes and an improved carbon footprint of manufactured products.."

Yvonne Therese Mertens
Co-Founder & CEO


"parcelLab enables online retailers to manage the entire post-checkout communication. The parcelLab technology allows for real-time monitoring of every single order and shipment. The communication automation focuses on highest customer relevance to maximize customer satisfaction and retention."

Tobias Buxhoidt
Managing Director


The end-to-end Plan A platform lets companies measure, monitor and reduce their environmental footprint and improve their ESG performance. PlanA.Earth empowers enterprises to manage their company sustainably by transforming environmental insights into positive business results. 


Protembis develops a catheter based filter system to protect patients undergoing interventional heart procedures from stroke and other neurological injuries.

Conrad Rasmus, Karl von Mangoldt
Managing Partner


Qualifyze is a B2B startup revolutionizing supplier qualification in the pharmaceutical industry. We contribute to safer and more transparent supply chains by connecting drug manufacturers, suppliers and auditors through one digital platform, allowing them to exchange qualification data fast and effectively.

David Schneider
Contact person


“Shore helps small and medium-sized businesses across all industries manage business processes more efficiently. The features offered include an online calendar, online and mobile booking, a customer database and CRM processes, as well as comprehensive employee management functionalities.”

Philip Magoulas
Managing Director


"shyfplan is the connection between a company and its employees. shyftplan structures repetitive communications and pools information in one system. At its heart shyftplan brings an innovative shift schedule and is complemented with an absence, time & attendance, as well as an integrated payroll feature."

Jan-Martin Josten, Dr. Farhood Torabian
Managing Director


Tacalyx develops therapeutics against cancer-specific carbohydrate antigens that contribute significantly to virulence and metastasis of malignant tumors. We are targeting these structures for the treatment of not satisfactorily treatable cancers.

Dr. Peter Sondermann
Managing Partner


Thermosome is a clinical-stage drug developer focused on targeted tumor therapy combined with immune stimulation for improved cancer therapy. At its core is a novel tumor targeting approach that allows for significantly increased local drug concentrations to achieve improved treatment efficacy. The lead candidate THE001 is a thermosensitive formulation of doxorubicin being developed in soft tissue sarcoma.

Dr. Pascal Schweizer
Managing Director


The Digitalization Platform Thing-it provides a ‘brain for buildings’ to allow interaction between users and the building as well as between users in and around the building in office buildings, city quarters, campuses, shopping malls, hotels, airports and condominiums for all stakeholders such as tenants, visitors, facility managers or other service providers.

Marc Gille
Managing Partner

Tubulis GmbH

Tubulis generates uniquely matched protein-drug conjugates by combining proprietary novel technologies with disease-specific biology. Our goal is to expand the therapeutic potential of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) ushering in a new era. Employing its ADC approach, Tubulis will advance a variety of conjugates, unlimited by indication.

Dr. Dominik Schumacher
Managing Director



TwentyBN builds an AI that can understand human actions in addition to objects and interact with humans while “looking” at them - allowing her to understand their behaviour, surroundings and the full context of the engagement. This makes conversations with technology natural, user-friendly and humane.

Roland Memisevic, PhD


Veertly is the most flexible platform for your hybrid & online events and digital interactions. Its vision is to build bridges to connect and collaborate anywhere with anyone.

Joschka Schulze
Co-Founder & CFO



"Vimcar builds the digital fleet manager for SMBs and automates all the ugly paperwork around business vehicles. No matter if trip log, fuel card or leasing contract - Vimcar is merging all kind of data in a consumer-grade SaaS solution."

Andreas Schneider
Managing Director


virtualQ is specialized in customer service optimization via machine learning and AI. Amongst others, the product portfolio of the B2B tech-company includes a cloud-solution that waits on hold during longer waiting times for callers of customer service centers as well as a smart voice assistant, that provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Jens Kuehnapfel
Managing Partner


Wirelane is a Full Service Provider for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The Wirelane App is a tool for public charging. The backoffice and the W1 hardware offer many options for infrastructure operations, including the integration into energy management systems and transaction settlement via NFC.

Constantin Schwaab
Managing Director


zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform that helps B2C brands understand customers and predict behavior. To enable brands to invest in products and relationships that matter

Daniel Heer
Managing Partner