Jens Rassloff Appointed as Chair of the Advisory Board


Cologne, Germany – June 13, 2023 – We are delighted that Jens Rassloff has agreed to chair Coparion’s Advisory Board. Jens brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the tech and consulting industries, specifically in the areas of growth, innovation, and investment strategies.

As Chair of the Advisory Board, Jens will play a pivotal role in guiding Coparion’s strategic direction, particularly in the realm of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence. His expertise will be instrumental in identifying and capitalizing on key tech trends and shaping our investment and portfolio development strategies. He will provide support with divestments, specifically in shaping exit strategies, aiding in the identification of potential buyers, and facilitating effective deal structuring and negotiations.

Moreover, Jens will dedicate his efforts to fostering international relations. His experience working across diverse global markets will be invaluable in establishing strong partnerships, exploring new opportunities, and expanding our network across borders.

In addition, Jens will serve on select boards of our portfolio companies. By leveraging his insights and leadership, we provide our portfolio companies with the necessary support to succeed in the dynamic tech industry.

We are thrilled to have Jens on our team.