German-Swiss virtual events platform Veertly raises €1.9 million


All-in-one platform for hybrid and online events and digital collaboration Veertly has raised €1.9 million in a seed round. The startup bills itself as the “most flexible in the market” and is designed specifically to host virtual and hybrid events. Skipping the pre-seed round, Veertly has been bootstrapped for the past 1.5 years, and will use the seed funding to move the needle in the sales and marketing departments, as well as continue product innovations.

Founded in October of last year, Veertly founders Joao AguiamAlexander Spahn, and Joschka Finkbeiner met at a blockchain hackathon. While the trio took home top honours, they decided to turn down the prize money, opting in favour of their shared vision: a virtual collaboration platform.

A hefty market to enter, at a saturated time indeed, this author would be remiss if the elephant in the room wasn’t addressed. Namely that of juggernauts Hopin, its $1 billion in funding, and its seemingly unending series of acquisitions, and that “other” virtual collaboration platform, Zoom, who’ve been making forays into the event space.…